While Still Dark

Though she be but little, she is fierce. -ws

Stinkin love the PJS. Respect them a ton.
I’m not that cool. BUT! I do still enjoy doing as much as they’ll let me do. Which I like to make sure is a lot. Weasel my way into every program they’ll let me in.  
So I spent all morning researching TCCC stuff for the team, in biology class, and now doing some EMT studying for the practical this weekend.  Though, as much as I enjoy bio and EMT, still have to say TCCC is the most exciting. Like SABC with guns and impromptu tracheotomies.  Also sweet because the team has started actually using me as an official medical go-to person. Hopefully that sticks. Yay knowing how to properly insert an NPA!
  • 12 February 2013
  • 31